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Gujarat Championship League: SEASON-2

Gandhinagar Sports Academy Ground

19thApril 2024

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5thMay, 2024 Onwards

Punjab - Haryana Championship League: SEASON-2

Sector 16A, Chandigarh Stadium, Chandigarh
9:00 AM Onwards
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UP Championship Leagues: SEASON-2

Starting 1st June

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A Visual Journey of Shaurya Cricket League:

intro video

A Visual Journey of Cricket League Legacy

Shaurya Sports has established a commendable track record by successfully executing numerous national and state cricket leagues. Our leagues showcase top-notch talent and the ability to manage logistics, coordinate teams, and engage cricket enthusiasts using technology as a platform has contributed to the widespread success and popularity of the league. Through these leagues managed through our mobile app, we have not only provided a platform for budding cricketers to shine but has also created a vibrant cricketing community, fostering the growth and love for the game not just across the country and but also globally.

About us

Idea Behind Shaurya Sports

About us

Idea Behind Shaurya Sports

Welcome to Shaurya Cricket League – where every match is a journey into the scientific art of playing. Join our vibrant community of young talents, experience cricket coaches and embark on a cricket journey that goes beyond boundaries. Compete in our leagues, unlock the secrets of the scientific method of playing, and aim for glory in the State, National and Global cricket Championship. Whether you are beginner or a seasoned pro player, it’s time to join the biggest cricket league for amateurs and aspiring professional cricketers. It's not just cricket; it's a pathway to success, and the thrill of becoming a champion.

experience in high performance Cricket
Our passion for the game extends beyond boundaries, providing a platform where enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds can showcase their talent. Join us in fostering camaraderie, fair play, and the sheer joy of cricket. Whether you're a seasoned player or just discovering the thrill of the game, our leagues offer an inclusive and competitive environment for all. Embrace the spirit of cricket, embrace the spirit of ‘SHAURYA’.

What We Do


League and Tournaments

Welcome to our cutting-edge cricket League organization service! We leverage technology and AI for unparalleled analysis, ensuring a scientific approach to every aspect of the game. From player performance to strategic insights elevate your game with a seamless tournament experience tailored to the modern cricket enthusiast.


National Talent Hunts

Discover the stars of tomorrow! We employ state-of-the-art video tools and a scientific methodology to identify raw talent in cricket. Uncover hidden gems efficiently and objectively, revolutionizing the talent acquisition process. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape with our innovative approach to talent scouting.


Technical Video analysis

Elevate your cricket game with our Technical Video Analysis service! Uncover strengths and weaknesses with pinpoint accuracy, as our insights provide a comprehensive view of your game-play. Receive personalized suggestions for improvement, coupled with tailored video drills designed to enhance specific skills

Trial Videos

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Punjab Trials

Explore the brilliance of Shaurya's top-ranking batsman Raman Meelu from Punjab showcasing unmatched skills and spectacular talent. Cricket enthusiasts, don't miss this!


Delhi NCR Trials

Dive into the world of Uttarakhand’s lethal fast bowler, Sadiq Kazmi, delivering thunderous pace and demolishing wickets. Unleash the fury now!


Gujarat Trials

Witness the artistry of Gujarat's swing maestro Abhishek Dalsania, weaving magic with the ball. Experience precision and swing in every delivery!


Haryana Trials

Discover the elegance of Delhi's technically sound left-handed batsman, Ayush Sachdeva, crafting shots with finesse and grace. Batting perfection awaits you!

Team Synergy

Igniting Change through Collaboration


What Players Say

"I joined the cricket league, and it was an incredible experience! The matches were thrilling, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the friendship among players was heart-warming. Highly recommend to anyone who loves cricket and good times!"

Tanmay Batra

"Participating in the cricket league was a game-changer! The live broadcast of matches and use of cutting-edge technology for player selection brought transparency and fairness. It added a new level of excitement, making the league stand out. Kudos to the organizers for embracing innovation!"

Vivek Mishra
Uttar Pradesh

"Being a part of the cricket league was a revelation! The use of advanced technology and live broadcast of matches for player selection brought transparency to a whole new level. It ensured a fair playing field, making the entire experience not only thrilling but also commendably transparent."

Gautam Kaveti

"Joining the cricket league was phenomenal! The innovative technology employed for player selection truly set it apart. Transparency was the key, and it made the whole experience not just competitive but also uniquely fair. A fantastic league indeed!"

Sunny Girotra